Saving the Big Cats - A National Geographic Initiative

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do you believe that you are responsible for ecological sustainability? Too tough a word? This video gives a simpler explanation, with regard to the wolves of Yellowstone National Park -

You saw how the absence and presence of wolves affected the entire ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park? Not only did they affect the entire lives of the park—increasing the number of species in it!—but actually changed the geography of the park itself, affecting the rivers in a way that positively affected everything.
Now, Lions are dying off rapidly across Africa. Once numbering over in the hundreds of thousands, there are now may be as few as 30,000 of these amazing animals. And their numbers are shrinking every day. If this top predator disappears, the entire ecosystem could be in peril. 

National Geographic has been working with communities in Kenya and Tanzania to implement a smart, affordable solution that is making a big difference. It’s called a boma. 

You see, many of these communities rely on livestock for their economic security. If a lion kills one of their herd, men of the village will track it and kill it. Building a secure fence - called a boma - to protect livestock from predators can be done quickly and easily, and it's very effective in protecting herds. By guarding herds from lions, bomas save lions from retaliatory killings. It saves our ecosystem!

I’m writing to ask you to help me do something about it. I believe I am responsible for ecological sustainability, so I have joined hands with National Geographic in fundraising for building one 'boma' which will cost $500. 

To kick start my fundraiser I have donated $10 myself, an amount I would have otherwise spent in a restaurant or some accessories or something similar. But I can survive without that - for one time. If you feel so too, you can donate a small amount on my fund-raising page and help me reach my target. If you can't contribute right now, help me reach my goal by sharing this page on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - Or send an e-mail (with a link to my page) to friends you think might be interested in supporting this important cause.

All of your donation - 100 percent - will go toward building boma fences to protect lions, livestock, and livelihoods. $500 will build one boma. $25 will maintain it for a year (The National Geographic Society is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization). Livestock (and livelihoods) are protected. Lions are no longer killed in reprisal. Working together, we can stop the dramatic decline in big cat populations.

Thank you for your support!

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