#30Stays - Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Monday, September 22, 2014

It's only yesterday that I came to know about #30Stays - a series of 30 questions that Booking.com is asking travelers to tweet about on each day of this September. I thought - Damn! I am so late. But it is always better to be late than never!

The 22nd question on the 22nd day of September- ‘Most beautiful place on earth’ is really subjective, since the definition of beauty is subjective. To me, the most beautiful places on earth are those that had made me fall head over heels in love with them at first sight. (Whoever said love at first sight is a myth, hasn't been traveling!)

And my list contains three such places – not just one. (Forgive me for I don’t want to hold a tiebreaker)

1. Appenzell, Switzerland

Have you read Enid Blyton’s Famous Five in those teenage years? The Five setting off on adventures of their own, on their cycles, investigating and chasing crooks over rolling meadows and staying the nights at the barns of farming families. Well we almost felt like Enid Blyton’s protagonists at Appenzell. It was not the Moors, yet the pre alpine scenery of rolling green hills, meadows dotted with farming houses and a stream meandering through it, was just picture perfect. We did not have cycles to ride through the winding road flanking the meadow; instead we trusted our restless feet. We stayed at a barn in the night, slept on the straws after getting high on Swiss wine and had farm made breakfast in the morning sitting at the porch of our rustic barn overlooking the overdose of green and listening to the melodious ring of the cow bell. The only things missing were the crooks and our teenage years.

Read the full account here - Appenzell - The Real Switzerland.

2. Zermatt, Switzerland

The quaint little Swiss town with dark chocolate colored mountain chalets, still makes my heart ache thinking I couldn’t spend much time there. At the foot of the iconic Matterhorn, lies Zermatt, a car-free mountaineering and ski resort. Whether you are there to climb the Matterhorn (Hah! I said it like it’s just a walk in the park :P) or for skiing during the winters or mountain biking or marvel at the alpine surroundings from your cozy chalet room or to just gawp at the Matterhorn as the sun sets on the Pennine Alp, Zermatt is sure to win your heart and provide you with an unforgettable stay.

Read the full account here - With Love, Zermatt.

3. Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India

This one always has me at a loss of words, so I kept it for the last. If Switzerland is as beautiful as a Queen, Ladakh of India is like a King – majestic and ruthless. Among that ruthless lunar landscape is nestled one of the highest brackish lakes of the world, it’s expanse of shocking bright blue - a photographer’s delight. Pangong Tso means ‘Long, narrow, enchanting’ lake and just as the name suggests, it holds you spellbound. This panoramic and mystical epitome of beauty, changes its shade of blue as the sun rises and sets over it. It’s different avatars from azure to turqouise to indigo and so on, will make you think probably the lake knows more shades of blues that you do.

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