The Himalayas

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Last night I received an email from Neelima Vallangi announcing that I've won the 1st place in a contest hosted on her blog in association with GIO Adventures

The contest had a single question  - “What is about Himalaya that fascinates you the most?” It was a simple question and yet with a potential to leave many fumbling for words. The task to explain what makes mountain lovers like me, fall head over hiking boots in love with Himalaya is nothing less than challenging. 

My entry for this contest happened to be this poem on Himalaya that I had written about 4 months back, particularly for this contest.

I would like to dedicate this winning poem to none other than the Himalaya - to you, my heart forever belongs...

Mt. Everest (Source)

It’s a story of once upon a time,
When in a land far far away,
I set foot upon a high mountain,
Not knowing I was here to stay.

Hiking up,  I reached a meadow,
Where grew many exotic flowers,
It was magical, a beauty so pure,
As I sat there, time flew in hours.

I was all alone in this wilderness,
Finding solitude under an open sky.
The mystic breeze beckoned me,
To follow a stream that gushed by.

Walking ahead on moss laden land,
I found a lake blanketed in mist.
All around it were tall mountains,
Mountains that were cloud kissed.

As the last rays of the glorious sun,
Touched the towering snowy peak,
I was awed by the play of colours,
A mix of crimson ‘n orange streak.

Wrapped in the arms of darkness,
Billions of stars twinkled above.
It was at this moment, looking up,
I lost my heart and fell in love.

Never had I seen as many stars,
In a city, even on a cloudless night.
Nor the Orion, nor Great Bear,
But here I could see them bright.

What else could I’ve asked for,
To make my soul feel content?
But the silhouette of the mountain,
And the glowing light of my tent.

In the silence of the mountains,
I found answers that I sought.
I was humbled, my ego shattered,
In its vastness I felt like a dot.

They call this place Himalaya,
Grand it stands, proud ‘n high.
A moment here feels like eternity,
Here time is lost, and so am I.

© 2016 Sanghita Nandi. All Rights Reserved.

This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the writer.

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  1. Great blog, and thanks for teaching me something new about formatting (having pages as links to other blogs.) happy travels!

  2. I have never been to Himalayas but from the wonderfully articulated poem it seems I have, til now, missed out on a big gift to the world. And also the fact that it is in India embarrasses me more. Great poem and it was correct that you won.

  3. This blog is genuinely well written and framed. good luck with more articles. you deserve the success.